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A little background informantion.

My name is Blane Callen. I have owned and operated CMG Sprinklers and Drains since 1993.

CMG Is the first letter of my 3 kids first names. (Chance / Melissa / Garrett)

We install French Drains and Surface Drains when it is wet, and Sprinkler Systems and Sprinkler Repair when it is Dry

I rarely accept money up front for any job. I get paid when my customer is happy. The exception occurs on very large jobs. In this case I charge for parts up front. The parts are delivered directly to the customer's home by my parts supplier. The customer gets a copy of the parts invoice and all parts stay at the customer's home till the completion of the job.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sprinkler Repair Information, Sprinkler Installation, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, Yukon

Spring is here.  Now is a good time to plan for a new Lawn Sprinkler SystemCMG has installed top quality Lawn Sprinkler Systems since 1993.  Our Sprinkler Systemsare automatic and self draining requiring little to no maintenance.  Sprinkler System Installation requires experience and attention to detail. CMGcan install any sprinkler brand available, but we prefer Rain Bird or Hunter.
Sprinkler System at work
Sprinkler System at work
Sprinkler Repair is a service that we take a lot of pride in at CMG.  We can solve virtually any problem with a residential or standard commercial Sprinkler System.
Sprinkler Repair is a service that we take a lot of pride in at CMG.  We can solve virtually any problem with a residential or standard commercial Sprinkler System.
Here are some of the standard Sprinkler Repairs that we regularly provide.
Here are some of the standard Sprinkler Repairs that we regularly provide.

Friday, March 13, 2015

French Drain information and answers

French Drains can utilize  several types and sizes of French Drain Pipe.  An older type that is not commonly used any more is 4 inch PVC Pipe with large half inch holes drilled in the Pipe.  This doesn't work very well,   Because the holes are too large and the number of holes in the French Drain Pipe are too few.  Also there is no filter or "Soc" around this particular French Drain Pipe.  If it is used in sandy or loose soil the holes will clog and the pipe will fill up with sand.  PVC French Drain Pipe should be avoided.
ADS French Drain Pipe is much better, the holes are smaller and much more numerous.  It also comes inside a soc that acts as a filter and helps keep sand and debris out of the French Drain Pipe.  It works very well.
For Small business and Residential French Drains, Four inch ADS Perf/Soc French Drain pipe is adequate and the most common.  It is used for the majority of all French Drains installed.  French Drains can be installed using 3 inch ADS Perf/Soc but many times it is too small and can be overwhelmed by a heavy rain or from a bad design.  (Too many gutter down spouts connected directly into the French Drain, For Example)  Three Inch French Drain Pipe should be avoided if possible.
Six inch  ADS Perf/Soc French Drain Pipe is usually a good idea when possible.  It carries a much larger volume of water.  Six Inch French Drains are rarely overwhelmed.
Installing Gravel on top of a 6 inch French Drain
Installing Gravel on top of a 6 inch French Drain
The Drawbacks to 6 inch French Drain installation are:  1.  The Materials Cost is higher for six-inch French Drain Compared to Four Inch Pipe.
                                                                                                                    2.  Many times 6 Inch French Drain Pipe is too large for many applications, Such as going under a fence or sidewalk.  
                                                                                                                   3.  The trench for a 6 inch French Drain must be much larger than a 4 Inch
                                                                                                                   4.  The amount of gravel or limestone or River Rock used to Cover the 6 inch French Drain is Much larger
All things being considered, the performance and longevity of a 6 inch French Drain is well worth it if you are trying to protect something of value to you!  If the higher cost and the additional labor and materials are not a problem and 6 inch French Drain pipe is not too big for what you want to do then a 6 inch French Drain would be the best.  
French Drain Installation can prevent water from getting into your air conditioner floor ducts.
French Drain in Flower Bed in Edmond
French Drain in Flower Bed in Edmond

A common Drainage Problem for people in Central Oklahoma is ground water seeping into floor air conditioner  ducts.  This can cause very costly damage to a home or business.  Water-proofing Ducts, or even worse, trying to remove mold from duct work can cost big bucks.   Structural Engineers typically recommend  French Drain Installation  to keep water out of ducts.   French Drains catch and remove sub-surface water that is traveling underground toward a foundation. It is intercepted by the French Drain before it can seep under the building in question.   Because this water is not usually seen, it may not be taken into consideration when diagnosing drainage problems.  Surface Water traveling to a problem area is obvious as it flows on the surface in plain sight.
Gutter connected straight into 6 inch French Drain System in Oklahoma City
Gutter connected straight into 6 inch French Drain System in Oklahoma City
CMG has 21 years of experience Diagnosing Drainage Problems.  We always check for sub-surface water flow into any Problem Drainage Area.  Again, French Drains are intended to handle water moving both underground and above ground.
Installing Channel Drain Across Sidewalk in Norman
Installing Channel Drain Across Sidewalk in Norman

French Drains can also be used to remove water that is standing in a large area such as up against a foundation or along a fence.  French Drains don't do so well in tight small areas.  These areas are best suited for a Surface Drain with a grate.  Many times we install French Drains along foundations after a home owner has spent large amounts of money on foundation repair.
Surface Drain Installation in Edmond
Surface Drain Installation in Edmond
Several Foundation Repair companies and Duct waterproofing companies recommend CMG for French Drain Installation.    Typically we install a French Drain by itself or as part of a Drainage System  after they have completed their repairs to the foundation or duct work.

Curb Outlet for French Drain in Edmond Oklahoma
Curb Outlet for French Drain in Edmond Oklahoma

Drainage Problems occur in all types of places.  Water can stand along fences or driveways, or in yards and flowerbeds.   Damage can be done to sidewalks and in yards.  Finding a good Drainage Solution usually involves a French Drain.

French Drain Running Through Low Areas in Yukon
French Drain Running Through Low Areas in Yukon
CMG provides quality service for central Oklahoma.  If you live in Norman and need a French Drain, or if you live in Oklahoma City and want a Channel Drain installed across your driveway, give us a call.  We have installed Drainage Systems and French Drains in:  Oklahoma CityEdmondMooreMidwest City, NormanYukonMustangDel CityBlanchardNewcastle and all surrounding areas.
Installing Curb Outlet for French Drain in Oklahoma City
Installing Curb Outlet for French Drain in Oklahoma City
Recently we installed a French Drain in Norman.  Our customer had water running down the hill from his neighbor's Sprinkler System into the North wall of his house.  Over time the ground became saturated and water seeped under the wall and into his floor air conditioning vents.  We installed a 4 inch French Drain along the North wall of his house to provide a barrier to the continuous water flow.  In a few days the moss that was growing on the side of his house began to die from lack of water.  A Duct company came in and cleaned out is vents.  The French Drain removed the surface and sub surface water that was flowing into his home.   Problem solved.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

French Drain Info and Design, Oklahoma City, Yukon, Mustang

The term, "French Drain" gets thrown around a lot.  Many times people say they need a "French Drain," when they mean Surface Drain, or Channel Drain.  It is becoming a Catch-All Phrase that may refer to any type of drain.  French Drains provide specific benefits that are different from Surface Drains.
Just what is a "French Drain?" Many times people incorrectly
French Drain can protect your foundation!
use the phrase, "French Drain," when they mean "Surface Drain" or "Channel Drain."
A basic French Drain consists of a Perforated Drain Pipe in the bottom of a trench. The French Drain Trench runs through a Problem Drainage Area that needs to be drained.   The French Drain Pipe is perforated (Full of Small Holes) and has Neo-Prene Soc around the pipe.  This soc helps prevent debris from clogging the French Drain Pipe.
Perforated French Drain Pipe
The dirt that was taken out to make the trench is hauled away. It is replaced by some type of small stone or gravel depending on what is desired or available. I prefer crushed 1 inch lime stone. It is the most economical option in my area. Pea Gravel or some other type of small stone can work just as well. The lime-stone or gravel is placed in the trench on top of the perforated Drain Pipe and filled all the way to the surface (ground level). In some cases where the French Drain needs to be deep or is being placed in sandy soil, a special trench liner must be placed in the trench before the perforated Drain Pipe or the Gravel are installed. This helps maintain the integrity of the trench over time. It also increases the cost of the French Drain and the amount of time to install it. I install a trench liner in a French Drain about 20% of the time. Most of the time a liner in not needed.
French Drain March 2011
French Drain is designed to handle a large volume of water and cover a large area. The Drain is anyplace the trench goes. It has many applications and can be used in many situations. It can be installed by itself or incorporated into a Drainage System with Surface Drains or Gutter Down-Spouts connected to it.
The main downfall of a French Drain is that they, for the most part aren't very pretty. They don't look very nice in a yard once they are completed.
Depending on the area the French Drain is installed and the type of grass around the French Drain, will dictate whether grass grows over the lime stone. Grass can grow up and through the gravel in the French Drain over time eventually covering the gravel. This is Ok. It won't have a measurable effect on the performance of the drain.
French Drain

 The French Drain Installation we did this week was a little more difficult than normal.  Many times the route that a Perforated French Drain Pipe must travel to its exit point is not very easy from an installation point of view.  French Drains may have to travel through tree roots, (big ones) under sidewalks, through retaining walls, around swing sets or dog kennels or Mom's Prize Rose Bush.  The 4 inch French Drain we installed this week was in Oklahoma City south of 23rd in an old part of town where all the houses were old 2 or 3 story homes with lots of huge Elm Trees.  The Elm Tree in Question actually was just an old stump that had been topped out but not completely removed.  They left the roots just for us!  The roots were growing into the homes foundation and were right in the way of the path of the French Drain.  Forty feet of solid Elm Roots and 4 chain-saw blades later CMG was successful in running a new French Drain through a tree stump.  Yuck! "Well you gotta  do what you gotta do!"

French Drain with colored river rock
French Drain with colored river rock
A little info about French Drain Pipe and Tree Roots.  Normally tree roots don't seek out and penetrate French Drain Pipe.  Tree roots seek moisture and residual water that may stay inside Solid Drain Pipe.  French Drain Pipe is perforated.  Water that does not reach the exit point of the French Drain will seep out of the Pipe into the surrounding dirt.  Solid Drain Pipe that is used with Surface Drains can be penetrated and eventually clogged by roots if the pipe does not have good slope or "Fall".  If the solid pipe does not drain well and has residual water, tree roots will seek it out.
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Drain Pipe running from French Drain to the street in Oklahoma City
Drain Pipe running from French Drain to the street in Oklahoma City
Drainage Systems are designed to protect your home or business from standing water Storm-Water Runoff can cause damage in many ways.  Water from your gutters can seep down into your home's foundation if it has no good way to drain off.  If the temperature then drops below freezing, the water around your foundation can freeze and cause serious damage to the home's foundation.  Foundation repair can cost more than a Drainage System.
Drainage Systems typically make use of , French DrainsSurface Drains, or Channel Drains.  Depending on the Drainage Problem, A Drainage System may utilize one or several types of Drains.  CMG might install, for example, A Surface Drain in the middle of a driveway that runs to a gutter that is connected into the drain pipe.  The Drain Pipe might continue to a French Drain running parallel to a homes foundation.  Next the drain pipe might continue to a channel drain cutting across a sidewalk.  The Drain pipe might then reach its exit point running out through a curb fitting installed and cemented through the curb.
Surface Drain basically is a basin that has a grate on the top.  A drain pipe is connected to the basin below ground.  The water flows in through the grate and down into the basin.  The water then exits the Basin through the Drain Pipe and move toward the exit point of  the Drainage System.  Surface Drains are designed to handle water that accumulates in a low areas.   These areas should not be too large or broad, and the water that drains into a surface drain should not be moving very fast.  Surface Drains can become overwhelmed if they are placed in an area that must move a large volume of water, quickly.  Selecting the correct drain for the specific drainage problem is a benefit that CMG provides through twenty years of experience.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mustang Oklahoma Sprinkler Repair, Yukon, Edmond, Norman, Oklahoma City

For twenty one years, CMG has provided Sprinkler Repair for Central Oklahoma.
Lawn Irrigation Systems require maintenance from time to time.  All types of Sprinkler Repair become necessary.    Sprinkler heads break for several reasons.  Dogs chew up Sprinkler Heads.  Tree roots twist and break Sprinkler heads.  Cars run over and break Sprinkler Heads.  Weed Eaters cut the tops off Sprinkler Heads.  If you have a Sprinkler Head that is not performing perfectly, CMG can help.
Sprinkler Valves can have trouble too.  The Sprinkler Valve Wiring becomes disconnected or shorts out.  Tree Roots can stretch or break the Sprinkler Wires.  Sprinkler Valves can start leaking over time. CMG can solve Sprinkler Valve problems of all types.
Taking Out Old Damaged Sprinkler Valves
Taking Out Old Damaged Sprinkler Valves
The Sprinkler Valves that you see above are a mess.  They were leaking and weren't working correctly.  We replaced the above Sprinkler Valves with the ones you see below.
Sprinkler System Controllers can cause big headaches for home owners as well.  CMG can install a new sprinkler controller quickly and easily.
Sprinkler Controller with Rain/Freeze Sensor in Oklahoma City
Sprinkler Controller with Rain/Freeze Sensor in Oklahoma City
CMG recently repaired a Sprinkler System in Blanchard.  We replaced many Sprinkler Heads and fixed broken Sprinkler Pipes.  It took only a few hours to do the work. 
Quality Sprinkler Repair is all about experience.  For twenty years, CMG has:
Replaced or Adjusted Broken  Sprinkler Heads
Replaced or Reprogrammed Sprinkler System Controllers
Explained Sprinkler Controller Features and Settings
Found and Repaired Broken Sprinkler Wire
Replaced or Adjusted Broken Back Flow Valves
Almost all Sprinkler Repair falls into one of the above categories.
CMG Services all of Central Oklahoma including: Oklahoma CityNorman, MooreEdmondDel City, TuttleBlanchard, Newcastle, Purcell, Midwest City, YukonMustang and all surrounding areas.
This concludes ," CMG - 20 Years of Sprinkler System Repair."