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A little background informantion.

My name is Blane Callen. I have owned and operated CMG Sprinklers and Drains since 1993.

CMG Is the first letter of my 3 kids first names. (Chance / Melissa / Garrett)

We install French Drains and Surface Drains when it is wet, and Sprinkler Systems and Sprinkler Repair when it is Dry

I rarely accept money up front for any job. I get paid when my customer is happy. The exception occurs on very large jobs. In this case I charge for parts up front. The parts are delivered directly to the customer's home by my parts supplier. The customer gets a copy of the parts invoice and all parts stay at the customer's home till the completion of the job.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

French Drain - Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Yukon, Mustang

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French Drains - Norman Oklahoma -- Got drainage problems? Give CMG Sprinklers and Drains a call. 405-226-0629 -- We also install and repair sprinkler systems. We service: Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Mid West City, Yukon, Moore, Purcell, Mustang, Del City.
We accept Credit Cards -- We give free estimates.

This week we installed a 6 Inch French Drain in Oklahoma City.  Water was running down the hill, under the back fence, into the back yard, across the sidewalk, and into the side door going into the garage.  After every heavy rain, water was getting into the garage.  CMG installed a 6 Inch French Drain across the back yard to divert the water.  We also connected the Gutter Down Spouts Directly into the French Drain.  Once the French Drain was down hill from the house, we changed from French Drain Pipe to solid 6 inch ADS Drain Pipe and continued across the front yard to the street.  Once at the curb, we cut the curb with a concrete saw and installed a Curb Outlet for the French Drain.  Problem solved!
Installing a French Drain outlet through the curb in Oklahoma City
Installing a French Drain outlet through the curb in Oklahoma City
French Drain Installation is a primary focus for CMG Sprinklers and Drains.  Angie's List has awarded us their Customer Service Award for the State of Oklahoma for top quality French Drain Installation.  Along with the French Drain Customer Service AwardAngie's List has given CMG their top A+ Rating and placed us at the top of their website for Oklahoma French Drain Installation.

CMG also installs a variety of other types of Drains.  Our Drainage Systems may utilize: French DrainsSurface DrainsChannel Drains, Trench Drains, Basin Drains, and Sump Pumps.  In the past 21 years, we have installed French Drains to keep water away from home and business foundations, Surface Drains to keep water away from sidewalks and driveways,  Trench Drains, and French Drains to keep standing water out of flowerbeds and yards, and Sump Pumps to remove water from basements and outdoor low lying areas.
French Drain with stepping stones
French Drain with stepping stones

French Draincan be installed by themselves, or as part of a Drainage System that uses other French Drains, Surface Drains, or other Drain combinations.  Typically a French Drain is used to protect a broad area that has a lot of standing water.  A French Drain might run along side a homes foundation, or beside a driveway, or on any Drainage Project where Sub-Surface water is the primary problem.  If water is running toward your home under ground ( through sandy soil), A French Drain is the only Solution  for draining away water flowing under ground.

If you live in Oklahoma City and need a French Drain installed in your yard, or along your driveway, or near your foundation, give CMG a call.  If you live in Edmond or Norman and need a Surface Drain installed in the concrete in your sidewalk or driveway, we can help.  If you live in Mustang or Yukon and would like to protect your trees or flower beds from standing water with a French Drain, CMG specializes in just that!

Hello! My name is Blane Callen. I own CMG Sprinkler and Drain.
When I started installing Sprinkler Irrigation Systems back in 1993, I was sticking cardboard signs up on the side of the road to get any business I could. I quit working for a local landscaping company. The company I worked for "Cut a lot of Corners" and the owner many-times was not honest with his customers. As soon as I could, I started my own sprinkler company.
My first year in business was tough. I used the family van to do all the sprinkler work. My wife was not happy! I did work for friends and family. My cardboard signs generated a little business. 1993 was a long time ago. CMG Sprinklers and Drains has come along way!
I take great pride in my work. The Letters "CMG" stand for the first letter of the first name of each of my children. ( Chance, Melissa, Garrett ) = CMG
I have amassed a great deal of experience designing and installing Sprinkler Systems, Repairing Sprinkler Systems, and designing and installing Drainage Systems. In the past 18 years, I have made mistakes, but I have learned from them. As a result I get calls, from time to time, from other Sprinkler and Drainage companies that have run into a problem that they can't handle. I am always glad to help.
I usually don't take money up front for Sprinkler Installation, Sprinkler Repair, or Drain Installation. I prefer that the customer pay me when the job is complete and they are happy with the work. In a few cases on very large jobs I request a draw or outlay for parts. The parts are delivered from my supplier to the address where the job is being done and equal the amount of the draw. The parts stay on the premises until they are installed.
Sprinkler Irrigation Systems -- If you are considering an Automatic Sprinkler System for your home or business in 2012, check out an Irrigation System designed by CMG Sprinkler and Drain. Our Sprinkler Systemsare fully automatic. The Sprinkler Controller can be placed indoor or outdoor. One of the most important aspects of our Sprinkler Design is the "SELF-DRAINING FEATURE." The Sprinkler Pipes Drain Automaticallyunderground every time the Irrigation System stops running or is turned off. Older or poorly Designed Sprinkler Systems must be WINTERIZED every fall and checked out again every spring. Homeowners pay Sprinkler Companiesto maintain this twice-a-year routine as long as they own the Sprinkler System. A Sprinkler System Designed and Installed by CMG -- NEVER HAS TO BE WINTERIZED. BY THE TIME WINTER COMES THERE IS NO WATER IN THE SPRINKLER PIPESTO FREEZE. If it gets hot during late winter or early spring and the homeowner wants to run the Sprinkler System, no problem! Just turn the Sprinkler System on at the Sprinkler Controller and run it normally. There is no need to pay a Sprinkler Company to prepare your Sprinkler System for Winter. YOUR SPRINKLER IRRIGATION SYSTEM BY CMG IS READY WHEN YOU ARE!

This is a picture of an "IN-LINE-DRAIN". Many Sprinkler Contractors don't take the time or don't want to spend the extra money to install them.

IN-LINE-DRAINS are a central part to all of our Sprinkler System Installation.

Central Oklahoma is no stranger to heavy thunderstorms and hard rain. Storm-Water Runoffcan cause damage to sidewalks, driveways, foundations and all other things made of cement and concrete. Trees, shrubs, and grass can also become damaged by flooding. CMG Sprinklers and Drains can design a Drainage System to protect your property from standing water. Our Drainage Systems can be simple consisting of a French Drain or a Surface Drain, or more complex requiring multiple types of Drains and exit points.

Just what is a "French Drain?" Many times people incorrectly
use the phrase, "French Drain," to apply to many different types of Drains that could be used in a Drainage System. The term is widely used and many times incorrectly connected to "Surface Drains," or "Channel Drains."
A Surface Drain has a grate that sits on top of a basin. The basin is underground. A Drain Pipe is connected underground to an outlet on the Drain Basin. Storm-Water Drains through the grate into the Drain Basin. Once in the Drain Basin, water travels out of the basin through a Drain Pipe. The Storm-Water continues downhill in an underground Drain Pipe to an exit point.
A Surface Drain may come in many different shapes or sizes. The Drain Grate may be round or square. Here is a picture of a common Surface Drain.
A Channel Drain is a type of Surface Drain and many times is installed in concrete across sidewalks or driveways.
A French Drain is completely different from a Surface Drain. A basic French Drain consists of a Perforated Drain Pipe in the bottom of a trench. The Drain Pipe should have a neoprene sock around the Perforated Drain Pipe. This is to ensure that the Drain Pipe does not become clogged.
The dirt that was taken out to make the trench is hauled away. It is replaced by some type of small stone or gravel depending on what is desired or available. I prefer crushed 1 inch lime stone. It is the most economical option in my area. Pea Gravel or some other type of small stone can work just as well. The lime-stone or gravel is placed in the trench on top of the perforated Drain Pipe and filled all the way to the surface (ground level). In some cases where the French Drain needs to be deep or is being placed in sandy soil, a special trench liner must be placed in the trench before the perforated Drain Pipe or the Gravel are installed. This helps maintain the integrity of the trench over time. It also increases the cost of the French Drain and the amount of time to install it. I install a trench liner in a French Drainabout 20% of the time. Most of the time a liner in not needed.
French Drain March 2011
A French Drain is designed to handle a large volume of water and cover a large area. The Drain is anyplace the trench goes. It has many applications and can be used in many situations. It can be installed by itself or incorporated into a Drainage System with Surface Drains or Gutter Down-Spouts connected to it.

The main downfall of a French Drain is that they, for the most part aren't very pretty. They don't look very nice in a yard once they are completed.
Depending on the area the French Drain is installed and the type of grass around the French Drain, will dictate whether grass grows over the lime stone. Grass can grow up and through the gravel in the French Drain over time eventually covering the gravel. This is OK. It won't have a measurable effect on the performance of the drain.
French Drain
French Drains Can Look Great!
CMG Sprinklers and Drains can help with:
1. Sprinkler Controller Problems
2. Leaking Back-Flow Valves
3. Leaking Sprinkler Pipes
4. Shorted or disconnected Sprinkler valve wires
5. Sprinkler Zones or Sprinkler Stations that won't work
6. Broken Sprinkler Heads
7. Sprinkler Head Adjustment
The Sprinkler System Problems listed above are the most common Sprinkler Problems that we deal with.
CMG Sprinklers and Drains - can help if you need to re-design your Sprinkler System. If for example you are adding a swimming pool in your back yard, we can move the Sprinkler Heads and Sprinkler Pipes to fit the new dimensions of your yard. We can redesign or add-on to sprinkler systems where the home owners needs change.
Drainage System Installed in Oklahoma City

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