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My name is Blane Callen. I have owned and operated CMG Sprinklers and Drains since 1993.

CMG Is the first letter of my 3 kids first names. (Chance / Melissa / Garrett)

We install French Drains and Surface Drains when it is wet, and Sprinkler Systems and Sprinkler Repair when it is Dry

I rarely accept money up front for any job. I get paid when my customer is happy. The exception occurs on very large jobs. In this case I charge for parts up front. The parts are delivered directly to the customer's home by my parts supplier. The customer gets a copy of the parts invoice and all parts stay at the customer's home till the completion of the job.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

French Drain Contractor Oklahoma City, Mustang, Norman, Edmond

French Drain Installation is a primary focus for CMG.  We have 21 years of experience installing all types of Drainage Systems French Drains and Surface Drains are the most common.  French Drains when installed correctly, move water faster and in greater volume than Surface Drains.  French Drain installation requires experience and attention to detail for best performance.  CMG provides both.
French Drain With Colored Gravel
French Drain With Colored Gravel
Oklahoma City is one of the communities in  Oklahoma that CMG services.  We have installed almost a thousand French Drains in the Oklahoma City community in the past 21 years.  Oklahoma City  has many hills and valleys.  Many Neighborhoods are built on hillsides.  This causes many Drainage Problems CMG has installed French Drains by themselves and as a part of Drainage Systems to protect Driveways, Sidewalks, Foundations all over Edmond.  French Drains may be installed in Flower Beds or grassy areas too.  French Drains when installed correctly can provide many years of property protection and Piece of Mind.
CMG has 21 years of experience installing French Drains, and Drainage Systems.  This ensures that a Drainage System that we install won't have Drain Pipes that are too small, or Surface Drains installed where French Drains Should be placed, or Exit Points that allow water to Stand and become stagnant.  CMG relies on 21 years of experience to Diagnose a Drainage Problem.   Many Drainage Problems are not as simple as they seem.  Understanding why a French Drain should be installed over a Surface Drain in particular situations is just one of many variables that must be considered when Diagnosing a Drainage Problem.
Many times CMG is asked to look at Drainage Systems that aren't working correctly.  Here are a few common problems that we find:
French Drain Pipe is too small for the Drainage Area.
French Drain is not connected to an Exit Point.
French Drain is installed where a Surface Drain is needed.
Surface Drain is installed where a French Drain is needed.
Too many gutters connected to French Drain.
French Drain covered with dirt.
Exit Point Covered with Dirt.
Water flow is bad for French Drain,  (trying to drain water up hill)
These are just a few of the Problems we are asked to solve when fixing a Drainage System that wasn't designed correctly.
Drainage Systems can be made up of one drain or a combination of many drains.  Drainage  problems can be very complex.   Complex Drainage Problems may require a combination of several different types of drains all inter-connected and working together.  Other times the drainage problem may be simple and straight-forward requiring only one drain or several of the same type of drain connected together.
An example of a complex drainage system would be:  A French Drain in the back yard connected to a Surface Drain near a flower bed connected to several gutter downspouts, which are connected to a Channel Drain going across a driveway, which is connected to additional Surface Drain in the front yard, which runs to a Curb Fitting that lets all the water drain out on to the street.
A simple Drainage System might consist of a Surface Drain that is connected to a second Surface Drain which runs to a Pop-up Emitter which lets water drain over the curb and into the street.
An "Exit Point" is the term used for where all the water leaves the Drainage System.  Determining the Exit Point is very critical.  It is one of the first things we do when diagnosing a Drainage Problem.
Curb Outlet as an Exit Point for a French Drain in Edmond
Curb Outlet as an Exit Point for a French Drain in Edmond
If you have a question about French Drain Installation contact us.  We will respond ASAP!   Send question to Blane at

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