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My name is Blane Callen. I have owned and operated CMG Sprinklers and Drains since 1993.

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We install French Drains and Surface Drains when it is wet, and Sprinkler Systems and Sprinkler Repair when it is Dry

I rarely accept money up front for any job. I get paid when my customer is happy. The exception occurs on very large jobs. In this case I charge for parts up front. The parts are delivered directly to the customer's home by my parts supplier. The customer gets a copy of the parts invoice and all parts stay at the customer's home till the completion of the job.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

French Drain, Drainage System, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, Yukon

French Draincan be installed by themselves, or as part of a Drainage System that uses other French DrainsSurface Drains, or other Drain combinations.  Typically a French Drain is used to protect a broad area that has a lot of standing water.  A French Drain might run along side a homes foundation, or beside a driveway, or on any Drainage Project where Sub-Surface water is the primary problem.  If water is running toward your home under ground ( through sandy soil), A French Drain is the only Solution  for draining away water flowing under ground.
After Diagnosing a Drainage Problem in Oklahoma City, We installed a 6 inch French Drain that went all the way around the pool in the back yard and then ran all the way to the street on both sides of the house. The French Drain made the shape of a horse shoe. The Drainage System had two Curb Outlets installed through the curb at the street. This gave the French Drain two different directions to allow the water to flow to the street.  Two Drain Outlets allowed the French Drain to move a huge amount of water during heavy rains.   A few weeks  later we got a call from our customer after a heavy rain.  She was very happy.  The French Drain did a great job protecting her pool.  All the Storm Water was diverted around the Swimming Pool.
French Drain installation is a big focus for CMG during our 21st year in business. A French Drain is one part of a Drainage System.  A French Drain can be connected to other types of Drains or Gutter Down-Spouts and then run through Drain Pipe to an Exit point where the water is released.
Drainage Exit Point is the area where water goes to be released when it comes out of the Drainage System. The two most common exit points for a Drainage System are a Pop-Up Emitter or a Curb Fitting.
Pop-Up Emitter is a Fitting on the end of a Drain Pipe that has a lid that pops up and releases water. When water drainage is complete, the lid shuts back.
Gutter Downspout Connected to 6 Inch French Drain
Gutter Downspout Connected to 6 Inch French Drain
CMG Installed a Double Six inch French Drain in Edmond this week.  A Double Six Inch French Drain is two six inch French Drains laid side by side in one very wide and deep trench.  It is designed to move a huge amount of water away from a home.   The CMG customer had several different drainage problems in their back yard.  After a thunderstorm, water would run under their back fence and into their garage.  The back yard was on a steep hillside and the water would run very fast down the hill and into the garage.  CMG installed 2 large six inch French Drainacross the water's path.  This allowed the water to be diverted into the French Drain which then ran through drain pipe to a curb outlet at the street.  Three Gutter Down Spouts were connected into the French Drain.  The French Drain created a protective barrier for the garage.  A 12 inch Surface Drain was also included in the Drainage System.  It was placed up against the driveway and connected with 4 inch Solid drain pipe to the 6 inch French Drain.  Water was completely rerouted away from the home.  A French Drain  and Surface Drain combination in this case was the best solution to this particular drainage problem.
Installing a Curb Outlet for a French Drain in Edmond
Installing a Curb Outlet for a French Drain in Edmond
If you live in Oklahoma City and need a French Drain installed in your yard, or along your driveway, or near your foundation, give CMG a call.  If you live in Edmond or Norman and need a Surface Drain installed in the concrete in your sidewalk or driveway, we can help.  If you live in Mustang or Yukon and would like to protect your trees or flower beds from standing water with a French Drain, CMG specializes in just that!

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