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We install French Drains and Surface Drains when it is wet, and Sprinkler Systems and Sprinkler Repair when it is Dry

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Friday, October 3, 2014

French Drain to keep water out of Floor Vents

French Drain Installation can prevent water from getting into your air conditioner floor ducts.
A common Drainage Problem for people in Central Oklahoma is ground water seeping into floor air conditioner  ducts.  This can cause very costly damage to a home or business.  Water-proofing Ducts, or even worse, trying to remove mold from duct work can cost big bucks.   Structural Engineers typically recommend  French Drain Installation  to keep water out of ducts.   French Drains catch and remove sub-surface water that is traveling underground toward a foundation. It is intercepted by the French Drain before it can seep under the building in question.   Because this water is not usually seen, it may not be taken into consideration when diagnosing drainage problems.  Surface Water traveling to a problem area is obvious as it flows on the surface in plain sight.
CMG has 21 years of experience Diagnosing Drainage Problems.  We always check for sub-surface water flow into any Problem Drainage Area.  Again, French Drains are intended to handle water moving both underground and above ground.

French Drain in Edmond
French Drains can also be used to remove water that is standing in a large area such as up against a foundation or along a fence.  French Drains don't do so well in tight small areas.  These areas are best suited for a Surface Drain with a grate.  Many times we install French Drains along foundations after a home owner has spent large amounts of money on foundation repair.
Several Foundation Repair companies and Duct waterproofing companies recommend CMG for French Drain Installation.    Typically we install a French Drain by itself or as part of a Drainage System  after they have completed their repairs to the foundation or duct work.
Drainage Problems occur in all types of places.  Water can stand along fences or driveways, or in yards and flowerbeds.   Damage can be done to sidewalks and in yards.  Finding a good Drainage Solution usually involves a French Drain.
CMG provides quality service for central Oklahoma.  If you live in Norman and need a French Drain, or if you live in Oklahoma City and want a Channel Drain installed across your driveway, give us a call.  We have installed Drainage Systems and French Drains in:  Oklahoma CityEdmond, Moore, Midwest City, Norman, Yukon, Mustang, Del City, Blanchard, Newcastle and all surrounding areas.
Connecting gutter into French Drain in Norman

Recently we installed a French Drain in Norman.  Our customer had water running down the hill from his neighbor's Sprinkler System into the North wall of his house.  Over time the ground became saturated and water seeped under the wall and into his floor air conditioning vents.  We installed a 4 inch French Drain along the North wall of his house to provide a barrier to the continuous water flow.  In a few days the moss that was growing on the side of his house began to die from lack of water.  A Duct company came in and cleaned out is vents.  The French Drain removed the surface and sub surface water that was flowing into his home.   Problem solved.

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