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My name is Blane Callen. I have owned and operated CMG Sprinklers and Drains since 1993.

CMG Is the first letter of my 3 kids first names. (Chance / Melissa / Garrett)

We install French Drains and Surface Drains when it is wet, and Sprinkler Systems and Sprinkler Repair when it is Dry

I rarely accept money up front for any job. I get paid when my customer is happy. The exception occurs on very large jobs. In this case I charge for parts up front. The parts are delivered directly to the customer's home by my parts supplier. The customer gets a copy of the parts invoice and all parts stay at the customer's home till the completion of the job.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

French Drain Installation in Yukon, Drainage System Contractor, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman

We just finished a 4 inch Drainage System in Yukon.  It was a complicated system to install.  It utilized 4 inch French Drain in the flower beds,  12 inch Surface Drains on the side of the house,  6 inch French Drain along the garage foundation with 2 Pop - Up Emitters in the back yard and 3 Curb Fittings in the front.    First we installed 4 inch French Drain in the flowerbeds on both sides of the front door.  We connected 4 inch solid Drain Pipe into the French Drain and ran them underside walk to the curb.  Next we cut the curb with a concrete saw and installed 3 curb outlets for 3 separate French Drains.
Next we installed 4 12 Inch Drain Basins with grates along both sides of the house continuing with Solid Drain Pipe to the Pop-Up Emitters on the back fence. Finally we completed the Drainage System by installing a long run of 6 inch French Drain down the side of the garage foundation.   Installing the French Drains in the flower beds was the most difficult and took the most time.  Each French Drain took over a ton of crushed limestone to fill the French Drain trench.  The Six inch French Drain took even more limestone.
Installing Cement around Curb Fitting for French Drain
Installing Cement around Curb Fitting for French Drain
A French Drain will move large amounts of water from the Drainage Problem Area to the Exit point.
This is a good spot for a French Drain
This is a good spot for a French Drain
French Drain will Drain away water that gets to the Drainage Problem Area in 3 ways.
1.  Water gets to the problem area by falling from the sky.
2.  Water gets to the problem area by flowing down hill over the ground.
3.  Water gets to the problem area by flowing underground. (Sub-Surface water flow)
Number 3, Sub-Surface water flow is the big consideration.  When doing a Drainage Diagnostic, this is the area that is many times missed or not considered by less experienced companies.  CMG relies on 21 years of experience.  Many Times it is cheaper and more effective to install a French Drain over a Surface Drain.  A Surface Drain can't move as much water as a French Drain, and a Surface Drain can't Drain away Sub-Surface water.  Surface Drains should be installed in areas where the Drainage Problem area is smaller and is not affected by sub-surface water.
The draw back to a French Drain, is that it is not a pretty as a Surface Drain.
French Drains do a great job running along foundations and driveways.  A French Drain will keep water away from cement and prevent damage to concrete if water should freeze up against it.  A French Drain can keep your foundation Dry.
CMG services Yukon, Norman, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Mustang, Moore and all surrounding areas.

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