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A little background informantion.

My name is Blane Callen. I have owned and operated CMG Sprinklers and Drains since 1993.

CMG Is the first letter of my 3 kids first names. (Chance / Melissa / Garrett)

We install French Drains and Surface Drains when it is wet, and Sprinkler Systems and Sprinkler Repair when it is Dry

I rarely accept money up front for any job. I get paid when my customer is happy. The exception occurs on very large jobs. In this case I charge for parts up front. The parts are delivered directly to the customer's home by my parts supplier. The customer gets a copy of the parts invoice and all parts stay at the customer's home till the completion of the job.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Central Oklahoma Sprinkler Repair, French Drains, Sprinkler Systems *

Emergency Sprinkler Repair Service -- Sprinkler Irrigation Systems -- Drainage Systems -- French Drains -- Surface Drains-- Sump Pumps -- Rain/Freeze Sensors -- Scheduled Sprinkler Repair
Servicing Central Oklahoma including: Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Midwest City, Del City, Yukon, Mustang, Moore, Norman, Purcell, Newcastle, Blanchard and surrounding areas. For an additional charge we will travel outside Central Oklahoma. CMG has installed Sprinkler Systemsand Drainage Systemsas far away as Ardmore, Altus, or Tulsa.
405-226-0629 E-mail -- cmgsprinklers@gmail.comAngie's List Customer Service Award Winner for French Drain Installation.

CMG installs French Drains and all types of Drainage Systems in Oklahoma CityYukonEdmondNormanMoore and Mustang.
Drainage Pip Running to Street from French Drain in Back Yard
Drainage Pipe Running to Street from French Drain in Back Yard
French Drain going through low areas
French Drain going through low areas In Norman
Another busy day! Today we installed a Surface Drain Systemin Edmond. The customer had standing water on the side of his house near the side access door to his garage. CMG installed a 9 inch Drain Basinwith a green grate. Two gutters were also connected into the Drainage System. We ran 4 inch ADS Drain Pipe underground to the street. Going under a sidewalk along the way. The curb was cut and a curb-fitting was cemented in to release the water. The customer opted for this over placing a "Pop-up emitter" at the curb. Once this was complete, we went back to Norman to do a Sprinkler Diagnostic and Sprinkler Repair. It rained on us a couple of times during the day. That's better than dealing with 100 plus degree temps. Its coming soon enough!
CMG is gearing up for a busy year. This winter has been unusually warm. As a result, we are getting more calls earlier in the year. CMG Sprinkler and Drain has expanded its service area to cover a hundred miles in all directions from Oklahoma City.( All of Central Oklahoma) Our Service area includes: Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore, Edmond, Midwest City, Del City, Yukon, Mustang, Newcastle, Blanchard, Purcell, and all surrounding areas.
Services provided by CMG carry a two-year warranty for parts and labor. This includes Sprinkler System Installation, Sprinkler Repair, and all Drainage Systemsincluding French Drains, Surface Drains, and Channel Drains.
Lawn Sprinkler Systems developed problems and need maintenance from time to time. CMGcan help with small sprinkler problems such as a broken sprinkler heador a sprinkler controller programming problem. We also deal with larger sprinkler problemslike redesigning sprinkler zones or replacing sprinkler valves. CMG also does sprinkler systems checkups to test your irrigation system for possible problems that you may not be aware of.
CMG Sprinklers and Drains can help with:
1. Sprinkler Controller Problems
2. Leaking Back-Flow Valves
3. Leaking Sprinkler Pipes
4. Shorted or disconnected Sprinkler Valve Wires
5. Sprinkler Zones or Sprinkler Stationsthat won't work
6. Broken Sprinkler Heads
7. Sprinkler Head Adjustment
The Sprinkler System Problems listed above are the most common Sprinkler Problems that we deal with.
CMG Sprinklers and Drains - can help if you need to re-design your Sprinkler System. If for example you are adding a swimming pool in your back yard, we can move the Sprinkler Heads and Sprinkler Pipesto fit the new dimensions of your yard. We can redesign or add-on to sprinkler systems where the home owners needs change.
If you have questions concerning sprinkler systems or drainage systems please send us an e-mail at --
CMG Sprinkler and Drain also installs New Lawn Irrigation Systems. Since 1993 we have installed Sprinkler Systemsin: Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Midwest City, Del City, Moore, Yukon, Mustang, Purcell, Newcastle, and surrounding Central Oklahoma. Our sprinkler systems carry a 2 year warranty for all parts and labor

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